Practice Optimization and management specialists with a singular focus on helping providers and clinics provide the highest quality care through providing strategies to remove administrative burdens and allow time to focus on patient care.

  • Providing a detailed and focused analysis of current practice protocols
    • Developing and fostering the patient and provider relationship
  • Focusing efforts on removing unnecessary administrative burdens traditionally put on the provider
    • Offering Back Office services normally reserved for larger practices
    • Leveraging technology and years of experience in medicine and finance to ensure that administrative tasks are being actively monitored and managed by trained professionals
  • Training Provider teams to become efficient and focused on delivering high quality care, through:
    • Schedule optimization
    • EMR training and customization

Like any great partnership, everyone plays their role. Your role continues to be:

  • Provide Professional services
    • All provided via trusted partners with direct contracts
  • Medical decision making
  • Direct Quality Measurement
  • Hiring and Firing Decisions
  • Payroll Decisions
  • Employee management decisions